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America's Best Value Inn Butte, Montana

More updates from the road to Alaska!!!

With our first night rapidly approaching, and the knowledge that our previous plan to sleep in the pickle no longer viable, we needed a place to sleep.

We'd been up most of the night last night trying to get the packing done. In fact, I don't think we saw our bed until well after two am. The next morning, (aka a few hours later), we were up with the sun. We needed to get on the road, our papers from the Canadian government only gave us a small window of time to cross through the whole country! We were already a day behind and we needed to get moving.

The sun as we made our way out of Idaho, making the whole first part of our journey through Montana done in the dark.

Tim was driving, I have zero experience driving anything the size of the U-Haul. I kept telling myself I would be ready if he asked me to jump in. But honestly, I'm not sure how comfortable either of us would have been in that situation.

As we both started to doze in our seats, we decided it was time to find a place to rest for the night.

I googled dog friendly hotels and the first that came up was the Best Value Inn and Suites in Butte Montana.

We were blessedly close, but knowing how inaccurate some things can be, I deiced to call. I spoke to a lady who told me that they were very pet friendly and even had room available. I thanked her and said I would see her soon.

Not only was this place pet friendly, but they even had a huge gravel parking lot for big rigs, trucks and a tired married couple in a huge U-Haul towing a pickle.

We pulled in and I was surprised. It was a really cute little place, right off the main highway with little grass areas for the pets. It was mostly green and two stories. They were obviously going for lodge kind of vibe, and it worked well.

The woman behind the counter checked us in quickly and then asked if we had bowels for Zelda's food and water.

Which I did not. I had left them on the floor of the house.

No, on the floor of the old house. It had only been a few hours but that place, that home where I had chickens for the first time, where we had bread the bunnies and made our own sauce and jam and breads. The home where we had started the Misfit Micro homestead and took the first steps toward the life we wanted to live for ourselves.

That home was gone now.

Whatever Alaska was or wasn't, if it proved to be home or just another maker on the map of our lives; no matter what Alaska was, it was home now.

I didn't say all of that, of course.

But I did tell her no, I had non. She she smiles and askes if Zelda is a boy or girl. When I responded with girls she handed me this:

How amazing is that!!

Two cute bowels and some treats for my May. I was so jazzed.

The rooms were okay, nothing amazing, but they were comfortable and we were able to lay down and get the animals out of the car.

Snot was especially happy for this and she really hates her carrier.

I mean really hates it.

Behold furry beans of rage.

One we got them out and fed, the animals were a lot happier.

Look how much happier those babies are! They didn't have a charge or anything for having both the dog and cat in the room. They put us really close to a door that our key card would open for us.

We got a little dealy to hang on the door so everyone would know the room at pets in it.

It was honestly a very nice place to stay.

In the morning took the dog out and let her wander for a long time.

It was a beautiful misty morning, with the trees in the distance swathed in fog.

I wish I had gotten a picture. It was so beautiful. But Zelda had to pee and there is no stopping that dog when she needs to be somewhere.

Usually I'm luck if I don't get dragged along with her.

Unlike the boys. Avrem is tall enough now that he can control her, but not Hayden or Kevin. They don't usually last long on their feet when Zelda decides she wants to go somewhere quickly.

We packed up and checked out early.

We will forever be grateful to the people of the inn for giving us a safe shelter for the night and taking such wonderful care of our pets.

If you are passing through Butte way and need a place for your furry friends to stop and stay the night, I can't recommend America's Best Value Inn and Suites.

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