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Alaska Here I Come!

Originally published 02/02/2022

Next up in the cornicles of "Klink's to Alaska" I got an email from the Wasilla Police Department asking me to come in for an interview to be one of their 911 dispatchers.

This, as you can imagine, is amazing news!

Getting a job out there, along with my schooling is one more solid foot in the door of making this move possible.

So, this coming Sunday, I will flying out of SLC with a small layover in Seattle, and then on to Anchorage to lay my eyes on my future home for the first time.

I will be in the state for about three days and hope to see as much as I can as well as look into housing, (in case our forever home doesn't pan out the way we hope it will), and get into see my councilors at school.

Its going to be cold, and dark, and I am going to love every single moment of it.

Alaska, here I come!

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