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Post-its, Pictures, and Proof my husband is the best

If you can't tell from the picture above, I have a thing for post-it notes. I collect them.

And there's a good reason.

Aside from these catchy blog posts, I also write books, ( )

Any author will tell you, for the most part, we all do things differently. The way I edit my books and keep track of things, different from the way my sister, who also writes, edits her books.

I had found that Post it notes work the best, and anyone who has seen my desk can attest to the fact that I use them for everything.

Every book/series is a different shape or kind.

For example, the yellow stars belong to a series of Vampire and Werewolf books I'm working on called "Trigger Change."

The white hearts belong to "A War of Coins."

And the cows, the one's that dominate the desk, they belong to the Shadows Saga. I've written two books for the four book set, (they can be found in the link above.), and as such, they have the most notes.

The down side is I found that particular Cool cow with sunglasses at a thrift store in Hemet California, and they were pretty old when I found them then. And that was at least ten years ago.

Since then I've collected a lot of post-it's.

And I mean a lot.

This is not all of them, but its all the ones I can get to without moving the table my sewing machine sits on. Its a lot. And in all the ones I have found, I've never managed to find another replacement for this guy

After a while I stopped looking for this specific cow and just looked for cows. But I could never find any. I'd check every store we went to and go through each stationary department looking for cows.

Its hard to tell from this photo, but this is the only post note like this I have left.

Only one cow remains.

When Tim moved in with me I told him about the post it notes, (honestly he asked, and I was so happy to have someone in my life who cared enough to be curious.), and he nodded and commented on how he like my system.

Its very visual, and we are both visual learners.

Some how, some way, Tim remembered.

I know that husbands remember things.

My step-dad can recall conversations with my mom from years ago, knows her favorite things, and strives to make her happy every day. My step-dad, my padre, he is an excellent husband.

My last husband was not this way.

It was hard for him to recall things I'd asked him to do, or reminders I'd given him. It wasn't a mental thing, or a deficit, he just didn't really bother to try. And that was simply who he was. I knew that about him, I loved him anyway, and married him knowing what he was. I still loved him. A marriage is made up of more than remembered colors and tea preferences.

This Christmas Tim gave me these

He'd found a four pack of barn animal shaped post-it notes at our local Tractor Supply Store and bought them. Then, every time we went back for chicken or rabbit feed, he'd search the discount rack, the stationary isle, and the front by the checkout counters to make sure that he'd found every cow shaped post-it he could get his hands on.

Then he present me with these adorable cows, along with sheep, pigs, and goats.

I love them.

I love shaped post it notes.

And I love my husband.

My husband found me more cow's. He remembered what I told him, remembered the problem I had, and then found a solution.

Proof that I have the best husband in the world.

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