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Mom's, Minifigs, and McDucks

My family is a Lego loving family.

And I mean, really, really love Legos.

My father in law is one of the biggest Lego collectors I have every seen. Lots of Legos, meticulously organized and taken care of. There is a rule that when the boys want to play with Lego's at Grandpa and Grandma's house, the must first wash their hands. And if you have boys, or have ever spent any time with young boys, you know that is a very good rule to have.

Along with passing this love of Legos down through the generations, Grandpa also gave Tim and the boys this set of Lego Minifigs

A man raising three mischiefs and energetic boys all by himself, who does that sound like?

Scrooge and his nephews have become a sort of symbol for Tim and the boys. The mini-figs you see here were given to Tim and the boys before I came into the picture, and for a long time they were displayed proudly on the mantel both in California and here in Utah at the Taylorsville house.

When Grandpa and Grandma came out for the wedding that never was, they also brought us these adorable things.

Scrooge and the boys came as a set together, of course. And then they went out of their way to find a Daisy one, so I could be represented in the Duck family. It was beautiful and touching and I loved getting to build a Lego set for the first time.

I know.

I know.

I had played with Legos hundreds of times. But I'd never built a set with instructions and the whole nine. It was a new experience and I loved it. I honestly can't wait to find more sets to build. Starting out small and easy of course. I struggled with Daisy when it came to that bow!

Ignore the single clear piece coming out of Dewey's forehead. That is the triplet that represents Avrem and since he wears glasses, he wants his Lego to wear them as well. So he snagged a spare piece from his fathers build.

Each of they boys had a triplet they associate with the most.

For Avrem:

Its Dewey, the artist. Even though traditionally Dewey is the middle child of the triplets, he is the most artistic, and the one who wants to stand out from his brothers the most. These are qualities that suite Ave to a T.

For Hayden:

We have Huey. He is the leader of the triplets, the most cunning, the most outdoorsy, and the one who is hands down the most tactical of his brothers. For the most part, that is our Hayden. He isn't really the leader or the oldest, that is more Avrem's territory, but everything else, even down to the slingshot in his hands is Hayden.

It also doesn't hurt that red is Hayden's favorite color.

For Kevin:

We have Lewy. Now in traditional comics and shows, Lewy is the curious one and the smart one. In more recent adaptations, he's a bit more lazy and laid back, always looking at a get rich quick scheme. Kevin is a lot more like traditional Lewy, (although when it comes to cleaning his room . . .). His favorite color used to be green but it has since switched to an aqua blue, similar to his fathers.

For a while now, since the wedding at least, we've been rocking our ducks like this

We bounced Daisy around a bit. For a while she was at the end of the group so she and Scrooge made a sort of duck sandwich with the kids in the middle. Then we moved her to the outside of the pack, but that didn't seem right either. Tim is very much the leader and Alpha of our little pack of weirdos. It made more sense to have him at the lead, with me following close behind.

So we had a bit of a gap.


A few days ago a I got package in the mail from Tim's mom Jodi.

An amazingly sweet woman, Jodi always has a kind word to say, a little note to pass along, or a small gift on its way because she saw something that just reminded her so much of you, she had to send it along.

The boys have gotten many packages of this sort containing everything from colored pencils to notebooks, and more. Its very sweet, and always brightens the kids faces.

So, I was surprised to get this

When Grandma and Grandpa Klink came down to celebrate Avrem getting his name changed to Klink this last January, they noted, in a sort of passing kind of way, that we needed a Daisy Minifig to complete the family.

I'd thought about buying one for a while, completing the family and all that, but I also thought, as weird as this sounds, that it wasn't my place.

That small family of four existed before I came into the picture. And while I am mom now, and a Klink, it still didn't seem right to insert myself there. I wasn't there when they were bought. I shouldn't try to toss myself in now.

We didn't say anything about it and that was the end of that.

I open up this package that had beautiful stickers on it, a butterfly and purple hearts, my favorite color, and here is all of these wonderful things. Two really nice purple pens with paisleys and sparkles on them. They write in black in and its such a smooth write, I love them, a hand written note telling me how she was thinking about me and how she saw the pens and knew I had to have them, and the Daisy Minifig.

It was so sweet, and so unexpected that I literally started tear up a little.

I was close to my in-laws in my last marriage. They loved me and excepted me to a certain extent. But it never came to close to the love and acceptance that I feel being a part of the Klink family.

It goes beyond words how totally accepted and loved I am by this amazing group of people.

There's my Daisy's together, a full representation of me as a part of this family.

I know it's just a Lego figure, and it might seem like a lot emotion to put on a toy so small, but for this family, its everything.

Our little family of odd misfit ducks is now complete.

And just like that, I belong.

I mean, I belonged before of course, and the toy itself doesn't make me magically a family member lol. Its just a small way of showing that we're a family, that even though I didn't birth these wonderful boys, and I wasn't Tim's first wife, we are family.

I hit the mother in-law jackpot when I married Tim. Honestly, its like the In-law jackpot. I love them, and I can tell through everything they do and say to us and for us, that they love me.

I'm so proud to be a Klink.

If you want to add any of our Lego figures to your collection you can find them here:

I can't seem to find the minifigs in stock right now. I'll update the blog when I can!

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