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Children, chillies, challenges, and choices.

This last week the boys were visiting with their mother and when they came back, he had this:

Apparently he'd gotten it at an arcade with a ton of tickets he'd won. Actually he wanted to share it with Tim, as they are the only ones in the house that love spicy things. Even Kevin, who does not like spicy at all, wanted to participate in this spicy gummy challenge.

We started put with green.

It was green apple and jalapeño. As you can tell from Kevs face, not a fan.

Not too bad, right?

Then it was time for orange and Serrano.

You can see Haydens face as the heat from that one kicked it. Kevin is full of regrets.

Hotter than before, still not awful.

Finally we come to Red which is cherry and ghost pepper.

Here you can see the heat hit them

Kevin is dying.

Naturally we wanted to get Ave involved in the fun.

Some of the most fun we'd had all week.

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