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Always Second Place

Well the struggle for housing continues.

We found two homes that came with acreage enough for us to start really living our homestead dreams.


One would have been an okay fit with a little over 2 acres in South Jordan

The other was 3.6 acres in Tooele with goats, chickens, and fruit trees.

That one was perfect.

We came in second place for both homes.

And lost both homes to first place.

Now we're looking at apartments and talking about putting the homestead dream on hold for at least a year.

Out landlord gave us 30 days to leave so he could sell the house. And that 30 days expired on the 15th. We're already past due. And his generosity is wearing thinner by the day.

I won't lie, it makes me feel like a failure to have to pack up my family and squeeze them into an apartment. We are outdoor loving, gardening, animal having people. And now we will need to close off that part of ourselves and live in a box for the foreseeable future.

I promised all my boys that when we got to Utah things would be better. And so far situations and circumstances have made me a liar.

I am a failure as a mother, a wife, and a provider for my family.

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