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A Loooooong Overdue Update

Welcome back to the Micro Homestead!

It has been a minute since we had an update on here and that's my fault y'all. I'm sorry. We got so busy as the harvest season fell upon us. We were harvesting veg and canning everything we could racing the clock to get it all done before we lost too much to spoilage.

Here the boy are shucking corn and getting it ready for preservation.

Beautiful Roma Tomatoes we harvested from the garden. These beauties have been washed and are ready to made into Pasta Sauce!

Pulling from freshly canned peaches from my Ball Canner. Having fruit trees has been such a blessing this year!

Its been super busy and we are finally starting to wind down. We'll have more detailed post coming up for you soon!

Hang in there!

We're almost done.

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