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A Dream, a Family, and a Blog

My name is Jenn Bogle and along with my fiancee, Tim Klink, this is our blog.

The first thing you should know about us is that the name Misfit is incredibly fitting for us.

We are the odd balls.

The weird kids.

The strange people you were warned about on the internet.

The other thing you should know is that Tim is my soulmate, in every way a person can be made for another one. Only, we didn't know for twenty years.

For that full story, check out the About Us page.

Through this website and blog we hope to share what we learn as move through Urban Farming and, hopefully, into full scale Homesteading on land of our own.

One day.

We know some things, and we've been trying different things on our own, but now, together, we're gonna start moving toward our dreams and making our lives what we've always wanted them to be.

We'll post videos, photos, and blogs about the things we're trying to do, what works, and what goes down in a fiery spectacle to rival the sinking of the titanic. What we hope for is that through our trials and errors you'll learn what works, and what to avoid.

And if you know something we don't, like the average wind velocity of the unladen swallow, let us know. Drop a comment, send us an email, we;ll take all the help we can get.

And finally, thank you in advance for taking this journey with us. I can't tell you how excited we are you're here.

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